Tennant window and gutter cleaning services takes pride in the quality and quantity of services offered. From your windows to your roof, we can make all of it look as good as new. Our window cleaning services will leave your windows sparkling and clear. You’ll want to check where you’re walking now – you might not see the glass!

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Window Cleaning Services

Opt to hire a window cleaner that will take care of your windows and other glass surfaces. We will remove dirt, streak and help protect against future marks on the glass. This depends on the type of service that you choose. This could be residential or commercial window cleaning, balcony window cleaning, pool fence cleaning or facade exterior cleaning.

Residential Window Cleaning includes cleaning the inside and outside of your windows and even the other floors if you have multiple levels. As professional window cleaner we remove the sliding glass from the tracks before wiping down flyscreens, cleaning window frames and tracks and wiping sills down. Our cleaner would wipe, spray and clean your glass windows and return them to their tracks.

Tennant’s commercial window cleaners would focus on shopfront windows, interior glass dividers and display cabinets to ensure that your business looks professional. In case of high-rise window cleaning, we use abseiling equipment and water-fed poles to clean the windows. We use less water and work discreetly to ensure that there are minimal disruptions at your business.

While glass balcony paneling helps open up your space and make the most of the surrounding view, it would need some extra maintenance. Our window cleaners will help with regular balcony cleans to keep your home in the best possible condition. We also check if the fittings have any sign of corrosion or damage and use poles and tools to ensure that both sides are free from dirt and smudges.

Pool fence cleaning needs to be done regularly to remove the salt and chlorine build-up, prevent corrosion and keep them looking spotless. Glass pool fences have a special coating that repels water and your window cleaning specialist will use detergents to remove the buildup on the glass and polish streaks and marks. They will also clean poles, joins and balustrades with cleaners and remove buildup, dirt and spider webs and finally check if the glass pool fence is secure and in place.

Facade exterior cleaning can be often overlooked based on your busy schedule. While time does not always permit the cleaning of the entire house, you can choose to hire us to do the exterior house cleaning for you. This is why we offer facade exterior cleaning along with others services who need our help and maintenance personnel to ensure that your home exterior looks grand.

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Window Cleaning - Residential

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