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At Tennant Window & Gutter Cleaning, we specialise in cleaning gutters in a safe, quick, and efficient way. Our service for gutter cleaning is available for both domestic and commercial premises and we are well-equipped to get it done right. We make use of pioneering equipment and our cleaners are well-trained to clean gutters to the highest standards. Safety is of paramount importance to us and before carrying out any cleaning we ensure that the safety measures are in place. We are skilled in cleaning gutter areas that are difficult to reach and you can rely on us for all your requirements for gutter cleaning in Melbourne.

Roof Cutter Cleaning
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Specialists in Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are known to collect dirt and get clogged over time. This requires periodic cleaning to remove the waste that accumulates. By failing to clean gutters properly, it can lead to issues like roof leaks, mould growth and cracks in the foundation. All of these issues can go away if your gutters are kept neat and tidy.

Also, if you neglect your gutters and let leaves and sludge accumulate, you run the risk of water becoming blocked and constrained within your channels. This can cause significant damage to the gutters such as breakage and cracking and costly to repair.

We understand that gutter cleaning is a difficult chore that’s unpleasant and time-consuming. If you require gutter cleaning in Melbourne, avail of our service for a hassle-free experience. We offer a complete range of cleaning services and possess the skill and experience to complete every cleaning requirement to your complete satisfaction. Whether you require roof gutter cleaning or need our service for some other job, we have your needs covered.

If you are wondering ‘how do I avail gutter cleaning near me’, call us on 0449 523 288.

Expert Gutter Cleaning Service

At Tennant, we can handle all your gutter cleaning requirements and our services are on offer whenever a need may arise. We promise that you will be satisfied with the level of service and benefit from our gutter cleaning in Melbourne that our specialists provide. Our roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne is only a small part of our more comprehensive range of services, which also include window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and much more. Avail of the best gutter cleaning services in Melbourne to ensure that your gutters are clear of dirt and to reduce further problems that could arise in the near future.

Roof Cutter Cleaning
Roof Cutter Cleaning

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  • Years of experience in gutter cleaning
  • Make use of effective cleaning methods
  • Equipped with the latest equipment
  • Exceptional service experience
  • Effective protection against leakage issues

Hassle-free Gutter Cleaning Service

It is our promise to our customers that we will do the best possible cleaning for your gutters and roof. The quality of work adheres to strict safety and health standards that are proudly ISO accredited in quality management and environmental management systems. We love to listen to our clients and add that sense of personal touch to our projects. We work closely with our clients and listen to their requirements to create tailor-made solutions for their specific needs. We are committed to partnering with our clients and with our staff to get the desired results and continue our contract for years.

We provide the best experience and expertise when it comes to roof and gutter cleaning in Melbourne. We have a team of expert gutter cleaners that are highly trained and professional in their work. Our cleaners have been selected based on their work experience and integrity that gives us the edge in our work. We are dedicated to maintaining our impeccable reputation for customer satisfaction and quality service.

You should book our gutter cleaners today to ensure that your gutters function properly and are not blocked. Get clear and clean gutters and a healthy drainage system by contacting our team of gutter cleaners. Get your obligation-free quote on your next service in Melbourne and we will be ready to start working on your gutters.

Contact us today to organise a free appraisal of your gutter cleaning requirements. Our friendly team would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our gutter cleaning service in Melbourne.


We provide thorough gutter cleaning services to remove leaves and debris that may clog the gutter. The cleaning also involves scrubbing to get rid of moss, algae and marks.

Depending on the scale of the requirement, we will try to get it done as soon as possible to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your schedule. Share the cleaning requirements with our team and we will let you know our cleaning schedule.

The best time to get the gutter cleaned is during early spring and early fall. This will ensure that the leave and twigs do not clog the downspout.

Our cleaning service is priced competitively and depends on the scale of the cleaning required. Get in touch with us and we will provide a quote.

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